Quercetin and Weight Loss: How This Powerful Antioxidant Can Help You Shed Pounds

If you're looking to lose weight, quercetin may be able to help. This powerful antioxidant has been shown to boost metabolism and help burn fat, making it an effective weight loss aid.

You know—those fruits and vegetables touted by “gurus” in the health and fitness industry. Think of foods that, well, require an acquired taste to enjoy such as Kale. Red Onions. Broccoli. 
Maybe you’ve written the whole thing off as a marketing ploy, and with good reason, too. The bold weight-loss claims surrounding them would make even the most optimistic of us suspicious. Just another fad. Too good to be true, right? 
Well, let’s dig a little deeper.
What many people don’t know is that these foods are “super” because of naturally-occurring compounds called flavonoids. One flavonoid in particular, Quercetin, or simply QT in the medical world, has gained popularity as a dietary supplement.
Research links quercetin to antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and even antihistaminic (allergy-relieving) properties. This means that Quercetin can help you stay healthy by:
  • reducing swelling
  • balancing blood sugar
  • fighting off allergies
  • reducing the risks of cancer and heart disease
While most research has focused on the benefits listed above, studies also show that quercetin can help those of us struggling to lose weight. There are no magic cures, of course, but quercetin can help you gain a valuable edge while achieving your ideal body.
Let’s look at some of the science behind this. 

Quercetin for Weight loss and Your Best Body

It’s no secret that losing weight can be tricky. For most of us, our bodies resist the process of losing fat1. By triggering a slower metabolism and releasing hunger-inducing hormones, your body works against you while you’re sweating it out in the gym or preparing a healthy meal in the kitchen. This is one reason why many of us feel overwhelmed at the beginning of our weight-loss journey. 

Diet and exercise are good first steps to losing weight. But quercetin can help you along the way.  As a dietary supplement, it contains properties that increase physical performance and decrease body fat. 

Let's break down some of the documented effects.


  • The more calories you burn, the more weight you lose, right? Studies2 link quercetin, when taken as an athletic supplement, to reducing muscle damage and body-fat percentage. In other words, quercetin helps you train harder and longer with less rest between sessions, making for a more effective workout regimen. Further, studies3 also suggest that quercetin improves both athletic performance and physical endurance.



  • Quercetin naturally speeds up the weight-loss process4. As a dietary supplement, it blocks the formation of fat cells, known in the medical world as adipocytes. Quercetin achieves this by inhibiting obesity-induced inflammation and suppressing protein levels in adipogenic, destroying mature fat cells and blocking the production of new ones.
  • As mentioned above, the antioxidant properties5 of quercetin help balance blood sugar levels. Insulin is a hormone that regulates glucose in the bloodstream. An increase in glucose leads to an increase in insulin. This signals the body to store the excess glucose as fat. Studies suggest that quercetin can help stabilize glucose levels by inhibiting insulin secretion and glucose absorption.

Doses and Other Information


By eating a healthy diet of fruits and vegetables, most people can get up to 5 to 100 mg of quercetin per day.

The effective dose increases, however, when taken as a dietary supplement. In this way, typical dosages range from 500 to 1,000 mg, daily. 

If you have prior health conditions or take medications, speak with your medical provider before taking Quercetin.





Quercetin is a compound found in many superfoods. If you think of any nutrient-dense fruit or vegetable, chances are it contains quercetin. When taken as a dietary supplement, it can help you stay healthy, lose weight, and restore confidence.

Recommendation: Boostceuticals Quercetin 500mg 200 Vegan Capsules taken once or twice daily, best between meals; or as directed by your healthcare provider.


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