1. Where are BoostCeuticals dietary supplement products manufactured?

BoostCeuticals products are all manufactured in an FDA approved facility under strict GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) guidelines.


2. In what country are BoostCeuticals products made?

BoostCeuticals products are all made in the United States using only qualified code of GMP manufacturers. BoostCeuticals is sourcing best quality raw materials and ingredients from all over the world. These raw materials and ingredients are all subject to the same testing regardless of their place of origin.


3. Are Quality Control procedures important, and what are yours?

Yes, quality control procedures are indeed very important. As regards to ours, we take pride in manufacturing science-based quality dietary supplements. The quality of ingredients as well as the manufacturing process is extremely important to us and to our customers.


4. Why are nutritional supplements necessary?

Nutritional supplements are necessary because they are required by our body for a healthier state. According to research, our daily diet as well as our lifestyle can lead to a lack of certain nutrients in the right concentration in our body. Sometimes these can occur also due to aging, changes in the body, genetic or general health deterioration. As such, we need these nutritional supplements to support our body have the best possible results.


5. How do I get the best prices of your products online?

By purchasing from BoostCeuticals, you are ensured of good quality that comes with good value. We like to reward customers with multiple purchase discounts; where if you purchase 2 bottles, a discount is applied and greater discounts applied when up to 6 bottles are purchased. We even go one step further and make this discount available across our range of products.  From time to time, we also have a one off sale where some supplements will be offered at very high discounts and sometimes these can be up to 90% off, however, these are more likely to be available only to loyal Boostceuticals customers.


6. Are your dietary supplements natural or are they synthetic?

As much as possible, BoostCeuticals preferres natural ingredients. Although it is possible that we may carry a synthetic supplement, natural supplements are our first choice.


7. Do you manufacture your own supplements?

Yes, we manufacture all our supplements and do not purchase wholesale or using distributors. In addition to that, all of our facilities are FDA approved so that quality and potency are ensured in every step of the manufacturing process.


8. What's the best way to store your products? Do they require refrigeration?

As recommended, all our products shall be stored tightly and sealed in a cool and dry safe location. If a certain product needs to be refrigerated, it shall be indicated on the label.


9. What dietary supplements can I take for my memory?

Check our website and click on the “Brain Support” tab. We have various products to which support healthy brain function and which may support your memory.


10. Are your products pre-approved by the FDA before you sell them?

BoostCeuticals products are not pre-approved by the FDA because such agency does not “approve” nutritional supplement products. Under the federal food and drug law, FDA is only required to approve drug products. Since our nutritional supplement products are categorized by the federal food and drug law as food, not as drugs, the FDA is not required to pre-approve them before sale. Nonetheless, Boostceuticals must comply with the FDA’s regulations for manufacturing products. Plus, all of our product labels must comply with FDA regulations.


11. How long does it take to receive my order after I place it?

We try to ship every order on the same day. However in most cases, you can expect to receive your order within 2-3 business days after the time of placing the order.


12. Do you ship internationally?

No. At the moment we ship only to the United States. In the near future this may change to include many countries around the world such as Europe, Asia, New Zealand, and Australia.


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