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Our Story


Leo A Eliades B.S graduated in 1986 with a B.S. in Microbiology and Biochemistry. After graduating, he soon began working as a Medical Scientist in the field of blood science, and later worked as a Quality Auditor in the manufacturing of blood products, eventually managing the blood distribution for hundreds of hospitals and clinics. Throughout, Leo had been physically fit and healthy, but after watching his family suffer through serious health issues (his father’s bowel cancer, and mother’s arthritis) he began to notice the lack of holistic and genuine prevention measures within the mainstream medical establishment. 
When Leo himself ran into severe health problems, he was forced to take medication with many side effects that left him feeling even worse. This was the turning point—it was clear that he needed to take control. Leo eventually managed to detox and modify his diet by including more and more natural foods and supplements which finally gave him the boost he needed and healed his health issues—he was active, pain free, and less stressed and was now more determined than ever to interrupt the status quo, the notion that if regular medicine can't help you then you are stuck.

But healing himself was not enough... When Leo had his own family, he realized the responsibility we all have to protect our loved ones and keep them healthy. Leo also came to realize that others around him shared the same value—wanting nothing more than to provide the best health possible for their family. Furthermore, he realized that being healthy meant you would be around to protect, guide and nurture your family for years to come. Imagine if this could be true for everyone.

        “Our food should be our medicine, our medicine our food”                                                                                               - Hippocrates

With this in mind, after he’d given his own health a boost, Leo’s new dream was to boost the health of his family, and other families across the world. Boostceuticals is the manifestation of that dream. By combining over 25 years of scientific expertise and authority with the highest quality products nature has to offer, Leo and Boostceuticals continues to boost the health and nutrition of individuals and families all around the world, empowering others to control their true potential so that we can all be in the best possible position to live out all our dreams.

Leo’s family acts as his daily inspiration to boost the health of other families. He considers it his duty to keep his family healthy in mind and body, as they mean the world to him. 


Leo's Dog Belinda — his main sidekick who sits with him, keeping him company while he thinks of new formulations and how he can boost the health of  more people. Belinda is also a great sounding board for new ideas.                 





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