Product image 1MUCUNA PRURIENS 150mg 100 CAPSULES - Boostceuticals
Product image 2MUCUNA PRURIENS 150mg 100 CAPSULES - Boostceuticals
Product image 3MUCUNA PRURIENS 150mg 100 CAPSULES - Boostceuticals
Product image 4MUCUNA PRURIENS 150mg 100 CAPSULES - Boostceuticals
Product image 5MUCUNA PRURIENS 150mg 100 CAPSULES - Boostceuticals
Product image 6MUCUNA PRURIENS 150mg 100 CAPSULES - Boostceuticals
Product image 7MUCUNA PRURIENS 150mg 100 CAPSULES - Boostceuticals

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Mucuna Pruriens 150mg 100 Capsules
  • FEEL IN CONTROL WITH PURE NO ADDITIVES MUCUNA PRURIENS EXTRACT – Don't settle for potentially harmful additives such as stearates or less potent Mucuna Pruriens , instead imagine your life with Boostceuticals Mucuna supplement, a superior natural mood brain support – Mucuna pruriens extract works better than some medications which means benefits without the side effects - our natural velvet bean extract supplement 1000mg daily serving is the ideal brain food and precursor of neurotransmitters *
  • MAXIMUM STRENGTH MOOD SUPPORT MUCUNA PRURIENS EXTRACT – Not 200mg, 300, but high strength Mucuna Pruriens 500mg per capsule – take the all-important mood booster for the protection of brain cell communication. Mucuna Pruriens has significant valuable health benefits. Studies show mucuna pruriens supporting levels increase your confidence with better mental health and wellness and cognitive function*
  • MAKE A DIFFERENCE TO YOUR FOCUS LIBIDO SEXUAL DESIRE AND MORE - Mucina Pruriens is a recognized supplement which deals with sleep and motivation acts as a mood stabilizer, promotes healthy stress levels, healthy anxiety levels, and revitalizes the intellect and libido . Our Mucuna promotes economical results without the expensive drugs. Don’t settle for others offering less for a similar price. Ours is Made in USA Gluten Free Non-GMO and tested for quality and purity with no non-natural additiv
  • OUR MEANING AND OUR STORY – We believe we all have the power to control our health and wellbeing without resorting to harmful ingredients such as stearates, silicon dioxide and even the usual medication. Check every single ingredient in our Mucuna Pruriens and see for yourself and make an informed decision. We invite you to look at others and compare to benefits without any risk – We have the best value Mucuna per capsule that is one of few Pure Mucuna Pruriens products on amazon*
  • STILL NOT SURE? DON’T WORRY! - As a small family business, we understand the uncertainty and risk of trying new supplements. This is the reason we go the extra mile to source the highest quality ingredients. We offer you, trust and transparency. See that we list every single ingredient on our Mucuna Pruriens so that you can make the best possible decision – naturally ward of frustration and brain fog , increase mental alertness and enjoy quick recovery. We welcome any questions so if you do have

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