Are you looking for some changes this year? Are you looking for something more? Are you feeling the pressure to make your new year resolutions work all the way to the end of the year this time?  

New Year Resolutions-- A Solution To Improve Your Life

With every new year, we make new plans and goals for that year. These can be to lose weight, get rid of toxic people in our lives, to learn a new skill, to start anew business and more...

We all get pumped up with the “New year, new me” attitude. But by February? 80% of that attitude is gone! - Puff! And we’re back to our old habits.

So , how do you change that? How do you stay on track, and actually achieve your goals?

You do that with a simple concept called “the success spiral. ”You see , the biggest reason you fail at achieving your goals is that you’re setting too big of goals. For example, “I want to lose 60 pounds by summer.”Or “I want to start a 6-figure business this year.” Or, “I want to grow my business from 6 to 7 figures this year.”

And then, a week goes by. Two weeks. A month...In that time? You’ve only lost 2 pounds. Or you haven’t even found an idea for your business. You say to yourself: “It’s been a month and I haven’t even started moving towards my goal...”So you start quitting.

New Year Resolutions - How To Make It Stick and No More Quitting

So here’s an alternative you can try.

It’s obvious from these previous examples that you need to see constant improvement to keep going. And to see that improvement FAST! That’s why we don’t start our year with “I want to lose 60 pounds by summer.” You start with: “I’ll cut my carb intake by half and start drinking more water, and I’ll lose 3 pounds in January.”

We don’t start with: “I’ll go to the gym every day for an hour.” We start with: “I’ll start with going once a week for a half an hour, and start increasing the time every two weeks.and finally, we don’t start with “I’ll build a 6-figure business.” We start with: “By January 15th, I’ll find the right business model to start my business in.”

Why break down your goals this way? Because these are smaller bite sized chunks, so you don’t procrastinate and can do them. Remember how to eat an elephant? (One bite at a time)

Now, you’re actually TAKING action on your goals! Which is a HUGE achievement.Since these goals are fairly easy to achieve, PLUS you’ve taken action, you’re going to see RESULTS!


And all this - the action you’ve taken, plus the results you’re seeing - will give you the motivation you need to move on as well as keep going to take bigger action and see bigger results. Then you’ll have an even bigger motivation to take even bigger action… And so on. Until you finally achieve your goals for this year.

We call this momentum. As you start seeing small successes, it drives you to keep going and going! That’s the key to turning your goals into reality. Getting quick wins as fast as possible… And then use motivation from those quick wins to gain ever bigger wins. That’s how you make new year’s resolutions come true. And that’s how you make 2020 your best year EVER.

Let me ask you…What do you want to make a difference in 2020?

Start jotting these down now and consider all the above - now is the time!

I have included a few ideas for you below

But remember resolutions are personal — they’re for no one else but you. Don’t worry about what other people are aiming to do or what others think of your personal resolutions. Think about the ways in which you really want to improve your life, where do you want to make a difference? - focus on those things. Dont forget, instead of having BIG New Year Resolutions that you commit to simple steps or "mini resolutions," and you're on your way to a better year ahead. Here are some that we really believe in.

1.       Make a good night's rest your priority.

You can either start with avoiding screen time one hour before sleep , taking a warm bath before sleep or listening to slow soothing music.  

Allow your body enough time to rest and restore during sleep. You can also consider a later bedtime and a natural sleep aid to help you jumpstart your journey to revitalizing sleep.

Check this blog to dig deeper into sleep.In this article, you’ll learn exactly how to improve the quality of your sleep so that you can reap the full benefits that sleep has to offer.

2. Take Ten

Exercise might not seem to fit in your schedule. But you will always have 10 minutes spare at some point in tour day and several times a day.

You can either do a 3 minute exercise, simple stretching, climb the stairs for the first floor or even park farther to gain 10 more steps. When you are able to overcome these simple hurdles, your body will help long for more exercise time. Even breathing deeper and slower can help you relax.

3. Be Positive

Once your mindset changes, everything on the outside changes. Choosing to believe on the brighter side of your life and your better outcomes, this will not only make you a better person to live with, it will also be good for you health-wise. You don’t need to radically change your mindset that everything is rosy and colorful, but pondering on better things in life stabilizes your breathing and heartbeat and calms your nerves and mind. 

Remember thinking good thoughts makes you fly – even if it is focusing on 3 small things you are grateful for right now!

4.       Eat & Drink – Consciously

According to Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs, 2 of the basic physiological needs for anyone are food and water. In order to survive, we need to eat and drink every single day. For a healthier difference take notice of how many glasses you drink a day, also what food are you eating ?… How did your body respond? Are you tired? As you take notice of this small stuff, you can slowly alter your eating and drinking habits. And once you recognize it, you can now look into Bio Hacking for a healthier weight control journey and greater energy for your day.

5.       Do something healthy every day.

At times, the pressure of living a healthy lifestyle hinders us to achieve this goal. Get away from the complicated things you have to do and first make simple choices every morning - even if it's just drinking a cup of green tea or a capsule of a trustworthy supplement and enjoying the present moment with gratitude.

Make a difference and BOOST your life and here is to crushing it in 2020! And please remember, small is BIG and slow is FAST so take one day at a time!

All the best health!

Go on, you can be great, bigger and better in 2020!

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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