Mucuna Pruriens [Benefits for Male to Increase Libido]

Mucuna is a genus of climbing vines and shrubs which has over one hundred species including Mucuna pruriens. This species of vine is commonly known as the Velvet Bean. This velvet bean is a natural plant found in the woodlands in tropical areas.


Mucuna Pruriens Benefits for Male

Naturally, velvet beans contain serotonin on the surface of the bean which is the reason why it would cause itchiness if it comes in contact with human skin. Furthermore, Mucuna pruriens, or the velvet bean, is very potent in dealing with some human health problems, which include infertility in men. This legume now is considered the magic that increases libido.

It has been shown that this legume is very good in healing infertility. Some of its natural effects are it increases sperm count and sperm motility. With the enhanced sperm number and motility, it would be more likely that the sperm will survive longer during sexual intercourse and ultimately reach the egg cell. This conclusion is based on several studies conducted both in humans and in animals.


Also, there is one additional common outcome in taking Mucuna pruriens, in that it has the ability of adding aphrodisiac properties to the users, especially males. In several countries and cultures, Mucuna pruriens is regarded as a valuable herbal aphrodisiac for its users.

There are many users of the plant who have conceded to this benefit. These people have first-hand experience in the effectiveness of Mucuna pruriens. Also, there is little risk in using this natural plant and in fact significantly less than consuming highly processed supplements which contain unnatural ingredients.

The seed of the plant is the most useful part of the plant. This is where the source of the potent extract comes from. Extract can also be sourced from the pods, hairs and roots of the plant as well.

As mentioned earlier, Mucuna pruriens naturally enhances fertility for men, it is also useful in increasing the libido of both men and women. Some sexual benefits that Mucuna pruriens can offer are it helps men last longer during sexual intercourse, increase the mother’s lactating capability when she’s breastfeeding, treats vaginal discharge problems and excessive menstrual bleeding.


There are also other important health benefits that Mucuna pruriens can offer. The plant has also shown success and potency in treating Parkinson’s disease, depression and other problems related to emotions and moods.


Why is Mucuna pruriens so effective?

The effectiveness of Mucuna pruriens is not just a myth. It is based on science and it is documented through sufficient scientific studies. Accordingly, Mucuna pruriens contains l-dopa, an organic compound which is a precursor for the creation of dopamine.

Dopamine, on the other hand, is a compound which is responsible for a lot of processes in the body. It is a neurotransmitter which aids in the efficient cell to cell communication from in brain to other parts in the body and vice versa.  Dopamine also is the trigger for the release of the body’s growth hormone which is, based on studies, the key to a longer life or longevity.


Dopamine also increases testosterone, which is responsible for the development of male sexual characteristics as well as the performance of a person. As well, testosterone helps maintain the body’s muscle mass and bone density. Ultimately, it induces the sexual drive of a person.

This fact is connected with the above claim that Mucuna pruriens can increase the libido for customers using the supplement. Aside from this, Mucuna pruriens also helps in dealing with premature ejaculation by reducing hypersensitivity in the genitals.

The supplement indeed can be taken for recreation purposes. L-dopa is giving a person a sense of being happy or a sense of wellbeing which is of course not to the extent of making a person hallucinate like in the case of stronger and perhaps dangerous drugs. L-dopa somehow helps both sexes to last longer sexually while at the same time increasing their libido.

In this way it can be a very useful and beneficial herb helping couples along the way. Basically, there are many hormone secretions in the body which are triggered by dopamine. These hormones have many reasons to exist, further, they are very important in staying young, if not in age, at least in bodily functions. In summary, the overall result of taking Mucuna pruriens can be enhanced and boosted energy levels.


Mucuna pruriens extract, according to studies also has an anti-snake venom effect. It helps neutralize the effect of snake venom in the body making it very suitable for outdoor enthusiasts like mountain climbers in the case of any emergency.

Of course, it is not a guarantee that it can completely cure snake bite, but it is giving individuals somehow a fighting chance towards preventing the effect of the venom until medical attention is reached.


Bodybuilders, these days, are also benefiting from the use of   Mucuna Pruriens with their workouts and lifestyle. L-dopa is proven to have a good effect in bodybuilding as a sport and lifestyle.

The substance has an effect of behaving as a natural growth hormone which may help the muscles gain mass and facilitate in the fast recovery of a person from tremendous workout. Since l-dopa is all natural. Unlike other highly modified supplements like steroids, mucuna pruriens has no side effect when used by bodybuilders for muscle enhancement and recovery.

Also it has been documented that in studies those steroids may cause cancers, so this could be a better alternative. Does Mucuna Pruriens promote longevity?

One secret in having a longer life is to maintain a healthy level of helpful hormones and other factors in the body. Longevity is already covered by Mucuna pruriens. The plant does not just offer a happier life; it is giving a person a longer one as well. This herb indeed can aid in this area.


Is it a good idea to supplement with Mucuna Pruriens?

The answer to this question above may be obvious. Supplementing l-dopa from mucuna pruriens extract is a very good move. People cannot get enough of this organic substance by just relying on receiving it directly from the original plant. Aside from this, companies like BoostCeuticals, are ensuring that l-dopa supplements are all of perfect quality and potency.

Boostceuticals Mucuna Dopa, which is a nutritional supplement from Mucuna Pruriens extract, has many benefits discussed above. The point is, what BoostCeuticals has come up with, is just like the natural Velvet Bean.

The only difference is that, Mucuna Dopa supplement is in a capsule. This form of Mucuna Dopa may have some advantages such as, it can be carried and taken anywhere at any time without having so much trouble and it is very convenient to use.


Supplementing with l-dopa poses no risk. The users of Mucuna Dopa have testified experiencing good results with the product without showing any side effects. Of course, the level of benefits may vary from person to person, but all of the users of Mucuna Dopa have agreed to its beneficial effect.


Another important feature of Mucuna Dopa is that it has the ability to enhance the user’s memory and overall cognitive function. This is in line with the product having l-dopa which is a precursor for dopamine. As already mentioned, Dopamine has a significant function in the brain.

As a neurotransmitter, it aids in the proper brain functions. With its help, the brain can properly send and receive signals more efficiently. With increased neurotransmission, the brain will be performing and functioning at its best which is not always the case.


People using Mucuna Dopa will have a clearer mindset for having experienced less stress in terms of the brain’s functionality. As an ultimate result, a person will be doing really fine both in work and in school.

Many users have testified to this fact. There have been a lot of discussions around this ability of Mucuna Dopa. Most of those discussions on open forums have a common agreement, Mucuna Dopa is indeed very potent and useful.


Obviously, with all of this information about the goodness of the plant Mucuna Pruriens, it is very safe to say that the said plant is often considered as a magical plant in terms of all the health benefits it can provide.

With its all natural extract, people can get a lot out of it, most importantly in giving a person a boost in their personal performance both physically and mentally. The popularity of the said plant has been growing significantly in recent times. The plant is very promising both in the medical world and in creating a better lifestyle and greater success for customers.


*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


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