9 Fitness Apps to Get in Shape in 2021

We should all take advantage of arguably the greatest innovation the 21st century has seen. It is important that we grow to become more mindful of how we utilize technology  in order to avoid negative relationships with our devices.

The portable technology we have access to today has immense potential. Aside from the countless hours we may waste scrolling through our social media, our handheld computers offer plenty of positive applications as well.

Those seeking a lifestyle of health and wellness can rely on the assistance of these specific applications to accommodate them in many aspects of their journey.

For Cardio

The Nike Training Club (NTC) application provides users with a library of free workouts all led by Nike Master Trainers. Sessions range from 5-60 minutes and can be done at-home, in the gym, or on the road no matter your fitness level.

Similar to NTC, The Fitbit Coach (FC) also includes a library of workouts. Fitbit outscores NTC due to its additional features of sleep, distance, calories, and weight tracking.

If you need more coaching and tutorials, the NTC may be better suited for you. If you simply need help tracking your progress, FC could serve as a beneficial tool.

For Weight Training

The Fit Body App (FBA) generates workout regimens specifically for women based on scientifically proven high-intensity and strength training moves designed to initiate fat burning and strengthen the body at the same time. The app also features a meal planning aid, a macro calculator, and a calendar tracker as well.

The Fitbod application uses a training algorithm to understand your strength-training ability by studying your past workouts and adapting to your available gym equipment to design you a custom-fit workout plan.

FBA is specifically designed for women, but the Fitbod application is a unisex tool proven to develop the workout routine that meets your personal needs

For Sleep

The SleepWatch (SW) application for the Apple watch provides an in-depth sleep tracking with personalized coaching. It monitors your heart rate and rhythm, detects your sleep time, and calculates how well you have rested.

The Sleep Cycle (SC) application links you up to a worldwide sleep pattern database. The program generates the world’s averages of sleep quality, sleep time, and etc. by tracking users’ sleep patterns. It also detects your sleep phases and wakes you up softly during the most appropriate phase.

The SC application may not be suitable for workdays as you need to be up by a certain time, however you can choose a window period before your usual wake up time. This way you can begin training your body to wake up during the light sleep phase. The SW application has had many great reviews, as it provides you with accurate data you may use to guide you in taking necessary steps to improving your sleep habits

For Yoga/Stretching

The Daily Yoga (DY) application contains more than 100 yoga and meditation classes for both beginners and advanced yogis along with basic tutorials. It also features a tracker, a music library, as well as a social media community where users can post pictures of their practice and ask questions.

For Mindfulness

The Headspace application helps users learn meditation and mindfulness skills and develop tools to help you focus, breathe, and stay calm. The app offers guided sessions on stress management, happiness, resilience, physical health, and more. You’ll find sleep meditations, relaxing sleep music, and sleepcasts to guide you to a place of calm and rest. 

The Calm application includes a database of guided meditation sessions available in lengths of 3, 5, 10, 15, 20 or 25 minutes, breathing exercises, soundscapes (i.e. ocean waves), music, sleep stories, and more. Calm also links up to your Apple Health application and allows you to track your progress.

While Calm delivers the extra perk of tracking your progress, the results these two applications are intended to reach are easily noticeable by the user. They do not differ very much from one another. It is not clear how often they update or add to their content, but it wouldn’t hurt to experiment with both. If mindfulness is what you seek, either of these two would provide you with the means necessary to achieve it.

These 9 Fitness apps will surely help to get you in shape in to Get in Shape in 2021

It is important we utilize apps available that can make our health journey both simpler and more enjoyable. Give some of them a try and take further control of your health results and success today!

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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