Is Baking Soda, The Cheapest Cancer Treatment And Cancer Cure?

We have all heard of Baking Soda and we know that it is commonly used in the home and relatively inexpensive. There has been talk that this cheap common ingredient could in fact be used as an effective alternative cancer treatment. Could this be true?

But first, let’s remind ourselves what cancer is and how it thrives. Cancer is medically defined as an abnormal growth of cells which proliferates or spreads uncontrollably causing problems to normal cells and eventually entire organs in the body. This definition might be simple, yet true and cancer is a very dangerous condition and often deadly.

There are a lot of medically known types of cancers. Over one hundred types have been discovered and known to science. Cancer may affect any tissue of the body and it thrives on acidic conditions hence the recent popularity of an alkaline diet.

There are many types of cancers which are genetic and run in certain families and they can also be caused by tobacco smoking, diet, UV and radiation exposure, as well other carcinogens may also cause cancer.

Countless studies have been conducted to find a cure for cancer. As of today, these treatments can cost many hundreds of thousands. Simply put, cancer treatment is very expensive. Could it be cheaper and could it be more natural?


Back To The Baking Soda

Ten years ago, an oncologist named Dr. Tullio Simoncini from Italy, theorized that cancer is fungus-based. On the other hand, sodium bicarbonate, which is the composition of baking soda, is known almost for centuries to be very effective against fungus. He took a further step and tried applying baking soda to cancer. Much to his surprise, it worked!

This could mean the possibility that treating cancer could be very cheap. By just using baking soda, a person could perhaps somehow fight cancer using a very cheap method. Now, this method seems to be opposed by several oncologists together with the other companies and institutions earning billions from the orthodox way of treating cancer. Could the simple reason be that this method of using baking soda be effective and very cheap?


How Could Baking Soda Work?

Other studies have also been performed to support this claim of Dr. Simoncini. Based on studies conducted, baking soda is effective in fighting cancer because it naturally increases the pH level. This means it becomes less acidic and more alkaline. This upsets the tumours in the body without upsetting the blood and the other healthy tissues. Furthermore, baking soda is making the blood more alkaline. It is known by research that cancer likes an acidic environment and cannot survive in a more alkaline condition.


Is there another natural altenative cancer treatment?

Another cheap and effective method in fighting cancer, which is also known today, is by taking Essiac Tea. Essiac Tea is a mixture of biologically effective plants and herbs in which the potency has been experienced by a lot of cancer patients. These cancer patients claimed that Essiac Tea enables them to fight and ultimately defeat cancer. Aside from cancer, there are also other illnesses which Essiac Tea is capable of dealing with. These other illnesses include gastrointestinal diseases, diabetes and more. All of which is based on the concept of the efficiency of Essiac Tea in detoxifying the body.


How Does Essiac Tea Work?

It was Rene Caisse, a Canadian nurse, who first discovered and made known the formula of making Essiac Tea. During her time, this discovered formula had been utilized for natural cancer treatment. At first, it was not that perfect but with the aid of Dr. Charles Brusch, Rene’s research partner, they managed to enhance the ability of Essiac Tea in removing toxins and waste in the body which are the are believed to be causes of cancer. By cleaning and detoxifying the body, Essiac Tea has some capacity to prevent and fight cancer. Essiac Tea became well known since then. In fact, many cancer patients have tried using it and experienced themselves the potency and its ability.

The name Essiac Tea originated from the discoverer herself. ‘Essiac’ is a backward spelling of the last name of Rene, ‘Caisse.’ The name ‘Essiac’ has been retained and adopted for so many years to honor Rene’s memory and her great contribution. 

After Rene’s successful work, manufacturing of similar Essiac products was undertaken to provide more portability and to avoid the need for mixing, brewing or refrigeration. Many consumers have shown interest and bought these new Essiac tea capsules to self-treat from many health problems.  Essiac tea capsules are now popular for this very reason.


What is Essiac Tea made of?

Essiac Tea is generally a mixture of tonic roots, barks and leaves of different plants and herbs. Burdock root, Sheep Sorrel, Slippery Elm and Rhubarb root are the four original ingredients of Essiac Tea. For several years there have been a lot of modifications about the Essiac Tea’s composition.

These four original ingredients of Essiac Tea are full of nutrients and medical properties. The tremendous amount of effort exerted by Rene and her colleagues clearly has been paid off by the obvious effectiveness of their discovered formula. Even up to this day, the said formula is implemented and being utilized in the entire planet.

BoostCeuticals is manufacturing Essiac Tea in a capsule form making it more easily taken and carried by a person.

BoostCeuticals Essiac Tea is very popular these days. There have been a lot of people, some are cancer patients, who are now taking Essiac Tea. They find the product amazing and very effective. The product is a very promising nutritional supplement.


Benefits of Essiac Tea

There have been that may claims that the consumption of Essiac Tea can cure cancer. Despite the presence of these claims, research and studies are not yet enough to conclude that indeed Essiac Tea can cure cancer. Further studies are still needed in order to lock in this theory. However, Essiac Tea has shown a very promising future since all of its ingredients, are reported to be good antioxidants and have an anti-cancer effects. Many continue to do their own research and choose to take Essiac Tea as a cancer tea for this reason.

Studies around Essiac Tea also show that the product has a potent DNA-protecting activity. Coupled with a high anti oxidant property of the product, this supports that it can fight cancer since these properties are key factors in dealing with the disease.

Medical doctors have also observed and reported that consuming Essiac Tea has considerably increased or extended the lives of their cancer patients. It also seems that doctors who support more natural treatments and also Essiac Tea are increasing in numbers.


What are other benefits of the product?

Essiac Tea is also a natural anti-inflammatory agent. It is commonly known to doctors and other medical experts that inflammation is the root of almost all diseases. As an anti-inflammatory agent, Essiac Tea can aid inflammation and get rid or reduce its effects. By doing so, the product practically can prevent the onset of further serious illnesses. The ingredient Sheep Sorrel is the key element of the product’s anti-inflammatory capacity. It is Sheep Sorrel that was proven to possess such ability which has been supported by studies.

Burdock root, another key element of the product, shows its potency in detoxifying the body. Burdock root is showing an excellent job in cleaning the blood from harmful free radicals and toxins. It purifies the blood and the body as a whole in the process. The Turkey Rhubarb root also has the ability to cleanse some body organs, specifically the liver. It supports the liver making it healthier and efficient in its job filtering unwanted substances which are present in the body. In has been proven also that Turkey Rhubarb can facilitate the ATP production in the body. With more ATP, the body will posses more energy and will have fuel enough to undertake the healing processes happening within it. These two elements of Essiac Tea supported and strengthened the product detox ability.

As mentioned earlier, gastrointestinal problems may also be addressed by Essiac Tea. This time, it is the Slippery Elm that is doing the job. The mentioned ingredient contains mucilage. Mucilage is a substance that turns to a slick gel when comes in contact or mixed with water. In turn, this mucilage coats and soothes the wall of the intestines. Furthermore, Slippery Elm can trigger the increased mucus secretion in the gastrointestinal tract, preventing the unwanted and over acidity of it. Well, we all know that ulcer is commonly caused by hyper acidity. Thus, Slippery Elm is preventing ulcer to set in. Sore throats, coughs and gastroesophageal reflux disease are just a few of the illnesses which Slippery Elm is good at.


Essiac Tea Side Effects

Essiac Tea functions very well with limited side effects. As long as the supplement is taken with usual water intake to support the liver and kidney to excrete toxins there are usually no problems. Of course there are some reasons to be careful if you have any medical problems or kidney issues or stones. Like any supplement discussing the use with a medical professional is recommended just in case.

Lastly, Essiac Tea is highly supported as increasing an individual’s immune system as a natural immune system booster. The product has immunomodulatory properties which upgrades the immune response or the function of immune system to a higher level. The product can further detoxify the lymphatic system which is the immune system machinery of the body. With healthier and more functioning system, the body can now efficiently fight illnesses.

Each of the ingredients has individual unique capabilities which greatly contributed to the Essiac Tea’s overall popularity. These plants and herbs have given life to the product as a whole. Most importantly, they collectively have done great in making individuals more aware of alternatives and have given them another alternative cancer treatment. Yes, in a similar way it reduces the acidic environment supporting disease just like Baking Soda, this is so important in fighting cancer however as well it seems to do so much more.


*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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